Eurodance hits the Union Pub

Traveling to Europe for spring break is expensive, partying like a European at the Union is free. The German Club and Russian Club are teaming up to bring the first eurodance to the Black Swamp Pub tonight from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

“I’m looking forward to all of the different organizations and people being there and having a great time,” said Yelena Yershova, treasurer of the Russian Club.

The eurodance will include free food and drinks while supplies last, and of course, banging European style dance music. In years past German Club has hosted “Fasching” in February, which celebrates Mardi Gras in German tradition.

“It will be cool to see if this becomes an annual event,” Yershova said.

In some ways eurodance is comparable to Mardi Gras, said Rachel Walker, president of the Russian Club and treasurer of the German Club.

“Fasching and eurodance are both celebrations,” Walker said.

And what would a celebration be without music?

“Everyone who has favorite European music was asked to send it in, so there will be all kinds of good dance music,” Yershova said.

The event will take place and the Pub will stay open past midnight, thanks to the Falcons After Dark Programming Fund, which allows clubs and organizations to apply for grant money for events held in the Union after midnight, said Walker.

“All of the officers and Mary Edgington, director of the Union, have been fantastic with everything,” Walker said.

The planning began when the clubs applied for the Falcons After Dark Programming Fund in September, and watching the dream come into reality has been a learning experience.

“The transition from idea to reality has been the hardest part. I want to thank everyone who helped,” Walker said.

The Black Swamp Pub will be open before 11 p.m. and students are encouraged to show up early.

“Students need to bring their student ID and drivers license if they are over 21 and want to drink at the Pub,” Yershova said.

The celebration is open to every student at BGSU, who upon arrival will be thrown into a euro-mixture of people, cultures and, of course, dance.

“I think it is a good way for different cultural clubs to get together, plus I love foreign music,” said Tiffany Jenkins, junior.