Fewer clothes would be nice, but people aren’t ready for that yet

I thank Lorien Bourne for bringing her point to our attention. I agree with her completely. It is wrong that men and women both can be allowed to be objects of sexual gratification one night, but only men can be sexual objects in a public place the very next day. There is a double standard here and something needs to be done. I am sick and tired of walking topless around town and having countless women ogle over my exquisite breasts while the favor cannot be returned to me by these very same women. Something needs to be done in a hurry. I don’t understand why women can’t go topless in public and allow me to look upon them as a piece of meat, lowering their dignity as they helplessly believe that this attention is a positive thing for all parties involved.

If you haven’t sensed my hint at sarcasm, I will be speaking straight forward from here on out. As much as you may disagree, these “gender-biased” laws that she speaks of are put in place for her protection and mine. The incredible beauty of the human body is a powerful thing. The dignity of such a body created in the image and likeness of God is something that must be upheld. Breasts. Wow. How beautiful they are. I’ll admit it. I don’t get it completely. Yes they are there for reproduction; they are attractive and have purposes for nourishing infants. But the magnitude of the power they exhibit over men is unbelievable.

When meeting someone, usually the first sense excited is the sight of the body. But you are so much more than that. Your body is just an outward expression of who you are. I want to know you. I want to understand your thoughts, your dreams, and your inhibitions. What do you like, what are your passions, what do you stand for?

Far too often as men, we have so little self-control over our primal instincts and allow ourselves to be held by the glorious beauty of the human body. If you are walking around topless it is far too easy to see you as an object and not the beautiful manifestation of the love of God that you are. In a perfect world, there would not be this problem. It would be great if we could all walk around naked and still appreciate the beauty and dignity of each human person. In our fallen world this is not the case.

And so I do not disagree with Ms. Bourne. I believe that men and women alike should be able to freely walk around in public baring more skin than is currently acceptable. However, the current state of the human mind does not allow for this freedom. I can assure you that I am doing my part, as are many of my brothers to purify ourselves of the disrespectful image of women that has been portrayed by society. And so in your support, I make a call to men and women everywhere to uphold the dignity of the human body. Do you realize that as the last thing that God created, you are a masterpiece of creation? A masterpiece! The crown jewel! The finishing touch that sends the quality of the artwork into the realm of perfection. How could anyone ever want to defile such a magnificent body?

In the end, I ask you to focus your efforts at the core of the problem. It will be in changing the outlook of the human race in a spirit of love and truth that would ultimately lead to the change you are looking for. It is in dressing modestly that the change can start for you. Help us help you. Dressing modestly focuses the perceptions and intentions of people to your inner self. Sometimes things work backwards. The inner beauty thing has turned into a crock of crap, but it is still truth. Your true beauty lies within you, and you can help people to see that. Furthermore, understanding the truth about human sexuality can be the driving force of the revolution you wish to incite. If we could all submit to the “Theology of the Body,” as proposed by the late Pope John Paul II, it might bode well for your argument in the long run. I support your argument, but will be focusing my efforts elsewhere.

Andrew Hoover is a senior majoring in physical science education. Send responses to his column to [email protected]