Fred’s fight for funds remains multifaceted

As a Fred Thompson supporter and one of the editors of Blogs for Fred Thompson (the blog that set up the Fred’s Giving Day Web site), I’d like to correct Alex Merced’s inaccurate portrayal of our efforts [“Politics’ dot-com dollars,” Nov. 27].

The Fred’s Giving Day site was not the gathering point for all donations. The majority of supporter donations were made through Thompson’s official Web site (, as well as through donation widgets embedded on personal Web sites or Web blogs. The BFFT Web site raised $9,000 alone.

Merced also points out that many of the pledges were supposedly from other campaigns as a “joke.” If Merced is correct that some pledges were in fact spam, he would no doubt be talking about supporters of Congressman Ron Paul. Such juvenile tactics from those backing the Ron Paul are commonplace and widely known across the Internet.

Mr. Merced should get his facts straight before undermining the efforts of those supporting other candidates. Failure to do so makes both Mr. Merced and his candidate look foolish

– A. Renee Daley Senior, Human Development and Family Studies