Creating your own “Post Secret”

Several anonymous secrets are put on a decorated post card and mailed to Frank Warren’s house every day:

In 2004, Warren started what began as a small project and quickly developed into a global craze.

PostSecret is an art project that displays people’s biggest secrets that they are willing to share anonymously with the world.

Since 2005, four PostSecret books have been published and are owned by millions of fans globally. Each book is a collaboration of anonymous secrets, creatively and artistically written or typed onto a post card and mailed to Frank Warren himself.

Every Sunday, Warren selects secrets to put on his Web site for fans of the project to look through.

There are no age requirements and anyone can participate, including a University student, and the only rule- it must state the truth.

Here at BGSU, students can be faced with many overwheliming factors such as school, work, roommate issues, peer pressure, friendships and relationships. Trying to balance everything at once can be very difficult and it is helpful to share and express your feelings with others. However, some students may feel they have no one to share with, which is where PostSecret at the University comes into play.

Mail your own hand-crafted secret anonymously to 210 West Hall, Attn: Pulse Editor. They will be collected once a week and selected to be published in the paper.

Everyone has a secret. Your secret may also be someone else’s and sharing it will let them know that they are not alone.


Size: 4 by 6

No names or direct refrences

Be creative with it

For examples or inspiration, visit