Don’t forget to vote – and why not vote for…

Mark Ingles and Mark Ingles

This Tuesday we have an important election most students are unaware of as we will be electing Bowling Green City Council.

I am supporting Terry Dunn for the at-large council seat. I have gotten to know Dunn as he has come to campus to listen and present to student organizations as well as by attending city council meetings this past spring. Dunn has been on the council for about a year and has shown a real ability to seek out student opinions and listen to our concerns.

Too often students are treated as visitors, not constituents, by city officials. Dunn’s willingness to listen to students and his active engagement with students is a refreshing change.

I urge you to keep Dunn on council by voting in Tuesday’s city election.

Mark Ingles is a senior majoring in political science. Ingles is the president of the BGSU College Democrats.