City Council approves finance plan

Emergency financial plan passes though it’s already being followed

City Council passed a resolution adopting the Bowling Green Financial and Debt Policy that Councilman Robert Mcomber called “the single most important thing passed in the last year and a half I’ve been on council.”

The new policy maps out in detail how the city will continue to manage its finances.

This extensive 20-page policy “puts on paper practices we’ve been following for a long time,” Mcomber said.

According to Mcomber, Bowling Green has been fortunate they have not been in a situation of financial trouble.

The policy addresses how the city would manage the budget if it were in debt and provides a list of eight solutions in order of priority.

The last resort option is to create a tax increase. Its the final solution because it would impact the citizens of Bowling Green the most.

University official tells officials what to do about unruly students

A lobby visitation made by Michael Ginsburg, interim associate dean of students for the University, appeared before council to address the Code of Student Conduct.

He passed a copy of the student handbook out to each of the council members, the mayor and the city directors.

Ginsburg said the code of student conduct applies to student behavior both on and off campus.

“Their [student] behaviors affect the entire community,” Ginsburg said.

Deborah Novak, interim assistant dean of students, accompanied Ginsburg to the meeting.

She works with Ginsburg about the disciplinary procedures when the code of conduct is violated.

Ginsburg encouraged members of council and the community to report an incident to him by e-mail or phone.

The Student Handbook can be found online at

Mayor invites city dwellers to common reading event

Mayor John Quinn announced the book of the community reads program was “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls.

This was also the book the University chose for their freshmen common reading experience. The mayor encouraged the community to read and attend a free lecture sponsored by the BGExperience program to be held on Oct. 24 in the Union Ballroom. Walls will speak at the 7 p.m. event. A book signing will follow.