Theater department ‘proves’ its talent

Jessica Hylton and Jessica Hylton

When people go to the theater they don’t expect to hear about complex mathematical equations.

The Theater Department at the University is featuring the show “Proof” by David Auburn tonight at 8 through Sunday in the Joe E. Brown Theatre on campus.

“Proof” is a story about a young woman named Catherine whose father is an ingenious mathematician. When a brilliant mathematical proof is discovered in Robert and Catherine’s house, the truth about the authorship is put to serious question. Catherine struggles with grief, fear and anticipation as past and present events suddenly collide.

Junior Alex Bean, who plays the role of Catherine’s father Robert, said that though the play focuses on a mathematical proof and brilliant mathematicians, it takes on “deeply personal aspects” that every person can relate to.

With a cast of only four actors there is a strong sense of unity and flow that reflects the relationships not only on stage but off stage as well. Graduate student Timothy Schaffer, who plays the role of Hal, said how close knit the cast had become.

Being a college production, Schaffer explained, the educational process was a highlight as well.

Bean agreed and added that watching the production grow and turn into what it is now was one of the best parts about being involved.

Senior Janna Huddleston, who plays Catherine, describes her character as one who want to take the world by its reins.

“She wants to reach out and grab life,” Huddleston said.

The role of Catherine is a seemingly difficult part to play. However, Huddleston said the role has been fun to portray.

Through tragedy, romance, sexism, betrayal and love, one can find a common ground within “Proof”.

“[‘Proof’ is] a journey in which people figure out who they are by their interaction with others” said the director Nicole Mancino.