BG1 Card: The University transitions from credit to debit

The Reason:

The state told the University last year they were out of compliance with the law by extending the credit of the state to students through the B!G Charge system. The University had to come up with a new way for students to spend money, but setting up an entirely new system that runs by debit rather than credit isn’t an easy transition. The University was told it must have a new system in place by Jan. 1, 2007. This fall, the University has debuted the new system: The BG 1 Card.

What It Is:

The BG1 Card is the new way to purchase items on campus, including books and food, while also providing access to sporting events and library privileges. With the new card, students can no longer charge purchases on campus to their Bursar account through the B!G charge. Instead, the University has started the new debit system, which requires students to deposit money into their accounts before making purchases.

How To Use It:

Before using your BG1 card there is one essential step: Deposit money into your account. There are several places throughout campus where students can deposit money into their BG1 accounts, including the University bookstore in the Union and new Account Management Centers near the Union Information Desk, the Student Recreation Center and the Jerome Library. Students can also access accounts at all times through MyBGSU. Deposits are also accepted through mail to BG1 Card Services and fax.

Where To Use It:

-The University Bookstore -Campus Dining Halls -The University Libraries -Athletic Ticket Office -Health Services -Vending Machines -Big Boy -Domino’s -BGSU on Main -Student Book Exchange (SBX)