Where to find your next boyfriend/girlfriend

Colin Wilson He Said Columnist

Ah, women.

They’re hard enough to find as it is. Let alone at college.

Alas, you don’t want to be spending too much time in your dorm room watching Cinemax-wait, you don’t get it anymore?

Finding a nice lady to spend your time with isn’t that hard. There are many ways to meet women.

Join a club. Whether it’s a fraternity or the math club, there are plenty of opportunities to meet females who share your interests. Even if your interests are Halo and the Spanish Revolution.

Talk to women in class. Yea, your teacher may not appreciate it, but what’s more important to you? The marvels of Geology 100 or the girl with Ugg boots and sweatpants on behind you?

Facebook. What a great networking site. You can find ladies who go to college to find their bridesmaids or live for the nights they’ll never remember with the friends they’ll never forget or perhaps live life by the philosophy that the only thing a girl should chase is a shot. Don’t worry it’s not that weird to meet up with girls who you meet on the internet anymore. Especially if they’re looking for “random play.” What a statement.

Play co-ed intramurals. Nothing says payback like posting up the opposing point guard’s girlfriend. So what if he hit a 3-pointer in your face?

What not to do.

Don’t smother women. If you do that they’ll ask for space, then make out with the guy who lives down the hall from you.

Don’t give them too much space. Then they’ll say you’re not paying enough attention to them and they’ll make out with the guy she studies Geology 100 with. He won her heart by teaching her all the things she was missing while you were flirting.

Basically women pretend they want attention if you don’t give them a lot and vice versa. When a woman pulls an excuse like that it’s usually because she’s too immature to break up with you like a normal person. In their defense, guys do it, too.

Don’t pretend you trust them if you don’t. When a girl is going out for a “girl’s night” just accept that she’s going to flirt with guys for free drinks all night. That brings me to my next point.

Never buy them drinks. They caught on long ago. I don’t really need to elaborate on that one.

If a girl can out-drink you, she probably shouldn’t be your girlfriend.

Try to avoid thoughts of getting that cute bartender’s number. Unless you’re a straight-up baller, she’s just flirting with you and looking cute to get tips from you. The recreation center probably isn’t a great place to meet girls. Unless she’s the walk around the track and do 10 crunches type then she probably gets all sweaty.

Women are very self-conscious about being sweaty.

Women are very self-conscious about being sweaty.

So basically just be smart out there kids.

Emily Rippe She Said Columnist

It’s the beginning of the school year, which means new professors, new classes, new friends and possibly new love interests. Indeed, the start of each semester poses the question for many of us: Will I find true love?

The answer relies on many factors. To determine whether this will be the kick start to the year of a rational, healthy relationship, you first need to evaluate your past experiences.

Let’s begin with how many times you have thought of yourself as “being in love.”

Perhaps you have never considered yourself to be in love with anyone you’ve dated. There’s nothing wrong with that. Saying “I love you” can be one of the hardest phrases to muster out. Fear of rejection or commitment, as well as not being sure of your feelings, have probably been reasons why you have never known love.

So what do you do to change your loveless lifestyle? Always remember that it’s okay to be cautious when entering a relationship, especially if you don’t know the person very well. However, do not let irrational emotions get in the way of letting the relationship develop. For example, maybe you have a phobia of getting hurt. Yes, it is plausible that after a few months, your partner might hurt you; they’re only human after all. But not giving them the benefit of a doubt – no, they will not cheat on you or do something equally horrifying – will leave you stuck thinking about a bigger problem, “Did I just lose the love of my life?”

Maybe you have the opposite problem. If you can count your past lovers on more than two hands, it might be time to take a break from the dating game. I’m not telling you to give up, just try not to obsess over the idea of being in love. People who go out looking for love often end up finding some form of it in the wrong places.

How do I avoid this catastrophe, you ask? When you first meet someone (anyone) you find attractive, try to get to know them first. After a few months of talking and hanging out, you will be able to make a better judgment on how a relationship will pan out. The bottom line: don’t go looking for love, let it find you. If you want this plan to work out, you should also avoid places that set up people to make poor decisions.

This brings us to the next factor in finding a relationship that works – good and bad places to meet potential mates.

Presumably, we are all at college to get a higher education learning experience. Going to class is a great way to achieve this goal. Going to class is also a surefire way to meet someone who shares the same goals and ambitions. For the record, I met my boyfriend of more than a year in a class that was required for me to obtain my degree in journalism.

Clubs and organizations are also great places to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend because again, they consist of people who share common beliefs and interests. For example, let’s say you are a political activist who decides to join the College Republicans. Wouldn’t you be more interested in someone who is also politically informed and shares some of the same viewpoints, as opposed to someone who is apathetic, or even worse, gasp, a democrat?

Now it’s time for the wrong place to look for love. So, I just finished telling you to meet people at places where you share a common interest. Many might think that drinking beer is a common interest, and trying to meet a partner at a bar is perfectly acceptable. As long as you are able to remember their name, stay on two feet and make sure that they can do the same. Not doing so will lead to a big explanation to your roommates, and many awkward moments when you happen to run into this person later. Good luck trying to make this one work out.

Understanding love is a difficult task, but knowing how to approach it and where to find it is a step in the right direction.

Nobody said relationships were easy.