Quinn may give Browns best chance to win now

I’m a guy who’s notorious for changing his mind. When it comes to controversial subjects I don’t like to take a hard stance because I hate being wrong.

But right now, I’m willing to take a hard stance on the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback situation.

Brady Quinn should get a ton of playing time in the final preseason game. If he’s got comparable numbers to his first two appearances, then he should start the opener.

Coming from a Michigan fan who made fun of Quinn in every College Football Pick ‘Em last season, that says a lot.

Why should he start?

Charlie Frye is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL as it stands. He makes Jon Kitna look like Dan Marino.

Why would the Browns make Quinn watch Frye play? He could learn how to throw like a girl, turn the ball over in the red zone and hold onto the ball too long.

What a great way to learn his position!

Quinn already looks more comfortable than Frye. He stands in the pocket and reads the defense. He recognizes when none of his receivers are open and throws into the flat. He’s played in an NFL-type system for two years and it shows.

The biggest reason the Browns should play Quinn now is because he probably gives them the best shot at winning. A solid running game, decent receiving core and a great tight end give him plenty of weapons to work with. He’s got a brand new line that is as good as it’s been since the Browns’ return. One of the only reasons no one thought the Browns would do anything this year was because of their quarterback situation.

Jamal Lewis wouldn’t be able to make up for Charlie Frye’s lack of talent. Neither would his receivers.

With Quinn, you’re not worried about turning the ball over on every possession. You’re confident that your quarterback can make good decisions and read defenses, which would keep drives alive.

The Browns defense is not great. The line is patchwork. The linebackers are missing Willie McGinest, but the secondary has a lot of skill.

Do you really want to watch them break down in the early fourth quarter of every game because the offense can’t stay on the field?

I’d really like to avoid a repeat of last season’s Pittsburgh game if at all possible. Frye squandered chance after chance to put the Steely McBeams away and the Browns ended up losing.

A common argument is that “the Browns don’t want to ruin Quinn like they did Tim Couch.”

Those two guys are apples and oranges. Tim Couch went to Kentucky, a basketball school, sometimes. He made a living off dump passes and had a bloated completion percentage. He also had Terry Kirby as his running back and Kevin Johnson as his No. 1 receiver. His line was terrible and his team was full of expansion draft players.

Quinn is going to be throwing to two top-10 picks. He’s got a running back that set the record for rushing yards in a game and had one of the best seasons ever for a running back.

Apples and oranges.

The Browns are much better off going with the luck of the Irish rather than the wrath of the trash ‘stache on Sept. 9.