A note of thanks for the rain-soaked

We all owe a thank-you to the BGSU staff who braved hours of rain to help students move into their residence halls on Sunday. Parking and traffic employees, RA’s, residence hall staff and more worked so students could get into their dry rooms as soon as possible.

They helped students and parents for hours on end, despite what were most likely many pairs of drenched socks.

Being a staff employee here is often a thankless job. When we leave half-finished pop bottles in classrooms and scribble on bathroom walls, they don’t just take care of themselves. Someone puts their labor into making this place run as smoothly as it can – lots of people do, actually.

But at the rate at which we continue to litter and scribble, you’d be hard-pressed to notice that we care.

So let’s take Sunday as a starting point. Don’t just thank staff today, thank them every day by keeping their jobs in mind as you go about campus.