Jacoby appointed as new student trustee

Living in Bowling Green for 20 years and on campus for two, prepared Daniel Jacoby to become the new student trustee.

Jacoby, a junior majoring in business, was appointed by the governor as the new student trustee to the BGSU Board of Trustees on Aug.18.

The Board of Trustees is made up of nine non-student members, one graduate student and one undergraduate student. They meet four times a year to discuss pressing matters the University is facing.

Jacoby heard about the opening in the position from his father, Joseph Jacoby, who is a sociology professor at the University. His mother Elayne works as a nurse practitioner in the Student Health Center.

After his father encouraged him to apply, Jacoby was interviewed by both the University Student Government and Linda Dobb, secretary to the Board of Trustees and executive vice president. Dobb said she interviewed five students for the position and after one dropped out of the running, sent the remaining names to the governor’s office.

After the students were interviewed by the governor’s office of boards and commissions, Jacoby was chosen.

Jacoby’s responsibilities will include attending every board meeting, answering board discussion questions and staying in touch with USG, friends and other students to be able to represent their viewpoints.

“This will be an all-new experience for him navigating the world of adults,” Dobb said.

Dobb noted that at times it can be awkward suggesting differing opinions from the board members, but that is exactly what Jacoby is supposed to do. He is the messenger telling the trustees what students think.

Although Jacoby is a voice for the students, he is not a voting member of the board.

“I’d like to have a say, but at the same time, I don’t hold a grudge,” said Jacoby.

The student trustee is supposed to be impartial and not being able to vote protects Jacoby from being sued.

“I’m supposed to be a good face for the University and not screw up,” Jacoby said jokingly.

Jacoby plans to focus on the main issues of tuition, meal plan and room and board costs at his first meeting Sept. 28. He wants to create an action group of students to discuss and resolve these issues.

“I want to encourage students to go to USG and voice their opinions,” Jacoby said.

In addition to his student trustee responsibilities, Jacoby delegates his time between the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, University Disciplinary Committee and the Wood County District Public Library, where he works.

Lori Hennings, Jacoby’s coworker at the library, said the junior is an excellent choice for this position because he is an all-around good kid that gets along with everyone. He is knowledgeable and regularly discusses politics, she said.

“Everyone here is so happy for him,” Hennings said. “He’ll see to it that things are done.”