Offramps rock Howard’s

Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick and Johnny Cash: each of these legendary artists has their own particular brand of rock and roll. But whether they’re rocking and rolling all night or walking the line, they all have one common thread running through them; the love of the music.

Midwestern band The Offramps are no different. Drawing on sources such as the afore-mentioned bands, The Offramps have a unique blend of styles that draws on everything from 1970s classic rock, to 1980s punk to today’s modern country, in which Jeremy Porter, the band’s guitarist and lead vocalist, described as “Midwestern rock.”

The band members are no strangers to the music scene, as all three have been in at least two other bands. The band itself has been together for five years and are still going strong.

The three men have always gotten along well, even when discussing such major decisions as a band name. The band had been relaxing before the show and was tossing around names and finally decided on The Offramps, which was a name suggested by the band’s drummer Mike Popovich.

“[It was] the one that we just agreed to not disagree about,” Porter said.

In addition to singer and guitarist Porter and drummer Popovich, Jason Bowes plays bass. The Offramps has mostly played at venues in Michigan and Northwestern Ohio. Porter cites the band’s biggest venue as being the “Arts, Beats, ‘n Eats” Festival in Pontiac, MI.

Howard’s Club H may not be quite as large as a festival, but it will provide the perfect atmosphere for the band’s show tomorrow. The show starts at 9 p.m., and The Offramps will be performing with two other bands.

The band recently released their first album, entitled “Hate It When You’re Right.” The CD has 12 tracks, and is available for $6.99 on either the band’s Web site or

The CD will also be available at Madhatter Music, located on Wooster, and at Howard’s tomorrow when the band performs. Tickets for the show are only available at the door tomorrow.