SBC changes could be helpful for groups

Each year, organizations on campus submit budget requests to The Student Budget Committee for funding to cover their expenses. Among those expenses are programming, operational and travel funds.

However, an updated policy was adopted by the SBC over the summer and put into place this coming fall.

The change in policy restricts groups classified as religious, political and philanthropic organizations from receiving operational or travel funds. It will not decrease the amount of money they earn, but only how it can be used.

The BG News agrees with this change in policy by the SBC. We are hopeful that this policy change will encourage religious, political and philanthropic organizations to take the incentive in spending more on programs that involve the entire student body.

We thank the SBC for passing these changes to budget policy and for keeping the needs of the student body in mind. We feel that the new policy changes are beneficial to the entire student body by supporting the growth in the number of on-campus programs that religious, political and philanthropic organizations put on.

It would be nice if organizations had unlimited funds but with all the different campus organizations, it’s impossible to give everyone what they want.

Hopefully, the policy revision will help organizations spend their money wisely, in ways that will benefit the group and the campus as a whole.