Letters to the Editor

Your “Rev. Jesse Jackson not the right man to speak” opinion was clear in its intent and message.

There was no ambiguity in what you wanted to say. Yes, you were ‘successful’ in that regard.

However, in 2007, the Rev. Jesse Jackson will speak on campus on Thursday, Jan. 25.

BGSU has invited him to do so, so that is it for the Dr. King’s legacy speech this year. He will be here on this Thursday. You will have the opportunity to hear his message firsthand.

I ask you, who would have been you/your group’s choice?

How about this simple suggestion?

In 2008, on Monday, Jan. 14, BGSU will have another opportunity to celebrate Dr. King’s day on campus. How about ALL of us come together and have a powerful people’s program on that day? One with everybody – students, faculty, staff, maybe the BG city/community – included and involved too?

What a truly unifying day that day can be! Carpe diem!

There will be a full day of events for everyone. This way, those students who chose to go home the Friday before on Jan. 11 will have missed out – knowingly – on that Jan. 14, 2008 day for Dr. King’s legacy and for the all-campus BGSU event.

It can happen – let us start planning SOON. I am here to assist you/ anyone/everyone/any organization(s)/any group(s) in whatever way I can.

This kind of celebratory day is long overdue at BGSU anyway… do you agree?

Jan. 23, 2007 can be the first day of the planning necessary for a great Jan. 14 2008 celebration for Dr. King at BGSU.

– Errol Lam, Committee to Advance Racial Equality