Nintendo has revolutionized gaming

Scott Recker and Scott Recker

Go into your local video game store and you will notice a crowd gathering around the Nintendo Wii in awe. Why? Because Nintendo has once again revolutionized the gaming world as we know it.

This time Nintendo has made the player feel more a part of the game than any system in the past due to its motion sensitive controller.

The new Nintendo Wii sports a motion sensitive, wand-like controller that makes the player’s every movement a part of the game.

This revolutionary controller has drawn much curiosity and excitement to Nintendo’s brand new system and it is showing through its sales. According to Cnet News, Nintendo claims to have sold 600,000 Wiis in its first eight days after the Nov. 19 debut.

Throughout time technology and people have accomplished amazing things. In my opinion that is for one simple reason: The fact it’s human nature to try to be better than everyone else at what you do.

Competition always has pushed people to their limits and this has produced tremendous accomplishments in our modern society. The Beatles were pushed to be better because of the talent of the Rolling Stones. Microsoft is pushed to come out with technological breakthroughs because of Apple.

Nintendo is forced into greatness because of the release of popular systems such as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3.

Nintendo realized that they couldn’t compete with the lifelike graphics sported by Xbox 360 and PS3, so they took a different approach on video game advancement and that would make games more interactive.

One of the only complaints I have heard about the Nintendo Wii is how the wristband that helps the player keep the controller from flying out of their hands is very prone to snapping causing many broken controllers and other objects.

According to the Nintendo Web site, Nintendo is offering to replace the original version of the Wii wristband for a Wii wristband that is newer and more durable for no fee.

They say the new knot connecting the wristband to the Wii controllers/remote will be much thicker and therefore much less likely to break.

Video games have always been a form of escapism.

The world plays video games because we are intrigued by the interesting lives and adventures of our “virtual friends.”

Everyone wants to be Brett Favre throwing a touchdown pass or a brave soldier winning battles and receiving glory. It’s human nature.

Now Nintendo has let us feel more like we have become one of our fictional heroes or a sports star by making the player a part of the game through their movements with the Wii controller.

When playing a golf game one stands in a golf stance and swings the “wand” like a golf club. When playing a war-based game one holds the Wii controller like a rifle and pulls the trigger.

The Wii also has many other great features other beside the motion sensitive controller.

If connected to the Internet, the Wii is capable of providing up-to-date weather and news. It also includes an online store built into the system that allows its owner to download a vast selection of old-school Nintendo games.

The controller also features a speaker, rumble feature and an expansion port for additional input devices.

The Wii has achieved greatness in every aspect of the gaming world.

Nintendo has revolutionized the way video games are played and they have also made the limits expand with the release of the Wii.

They have taken a situation that looked grim for them and turned it into pure greatness.

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