New barbershop chops hair, prices

A new barbershop is cutting hair along with prices, offering students the cheapest cuts in town.

Falcuts owner and Bowling Green alumni, Craig Riedeman, said he used to live right down the street from the store and always thought it was a great spot because it was right on Wooster and so close to campus.

“When I went to school here it was a Greek restaurant and they served gyros and other Greek stuff and it was always pretty busy,” Riedeman said. “I thought man this is a great corner.”

Riedeman told his long-time barber and friend, Ryan Bowen about the stores great location years ago and this past year finally decided to open a shop.

Christie Wagner, Falcuts barber, said location and the experience of the barbers will set Falcuts apart from other popular hair salons.

“We have some years of experience under our belt,” Wagner said. “Some of the places people are going to, like Super Cuts and Borics, have barbers that are fresh out of barber school or coz school. You know, you just don’t know what you’ll end up with when you get your haircut.”

Riedeman believes his barbers are more qualified to handle trendy haircuts than other shops are.

“The two other guys in town are all clip work, you know and that’s one thing we have going for us,” Riedeman said. “You know the longer hair is a little more in style now, obviously you don’t wanna use clippers on it. I’d feel more comfortable with our barbers doing work on it, rather than somebody who just does clipper work.”

Falcuts currently has two barbers and two more are lined up for when business starts to improve. Riedeman believes one of the barbers he has lined up will offer Bowling Green something new.

“One thing that we will offer that another barber shop won’t offer in town is that we will have the only black barber in town,” Riedeman said. “Some guys are different with who they like getting their haircut by. That might be one of the things that brings people in.”

Freshman Charles Whatley said he has his hair cut by random people, because he hasn’t heard of anywhere good to go in town.

“I like going to barbershops and having somebody who knows how to cut hair, cut my hair,” Whatley said. “If they had somebody who could do a good job then I’d probably go and check it out.”