We’re pulling for ya’, USG

ohnnie Lewis and his Undergraduate Student Government team have some promising goals for the upcoming school year.

He has told us to expect a more open, more participatory USG.

The BG News is looking forward to an improved Web site, clearly stated office hours for you and the senators, even nights in the Pub.

Most importantly, we think, he has told us to expect a more accessible government.

We’re looking forward to being able to read what’s on USG’s mind and when we can expect them to make decisions.

As happy as we are to hear of these plans, we can’t help but think back to the countless interviews we’ve had and stories we’ve written with students who say they don’t know – or don’t care – what USG is.

We saw only 12 percent of the student body vote in last spring’s elections – and that was an increase from the year before.

Certainly this apathy is not entirely USG’s fault. Students need to be proactive in engaging their representatives. That they are not, stems from factors in play long before Lewis and his government came around.

So, we are intrigued by Lewis’ goals, but skeptical towards them, too.

But more than anything, we hope he proves our early skepticism wrong.

After all, it’s only June. We’re two months away before our first Fall semester classes. So why be pessimistic?

Instead, let us jump in wholeheartedly with Lewis’ goals.

We ask our undergraduate peers to question how they’re being treated at this University and ask their representatives to examine those conditions – instead of just complaining.

They need to listen to USG’s responses and act accordingly whether that means talking with other students or contacting presidents, provosts or professors.

We ask Lewis, and all the senators, to persevere in the face of students who might give them strange looks as they’re approached.

Such are the challenges he faces, and it’s good of him to prepare to meet them head on.

His first test will come in the next few weeks as thousands of freshmen descend on the campus for orientation and registration.

We wish him luck, but recognize his, and USG’s, monumental task.