WHAT MATT THINKS: California natives Grandville, are a group that maybe you haven’t heard of yet. Their blend of pop-ish rock is reminiscent of a Christian rock group. Their self-titled album is 10 tracks of self-described “powerpop,” that at times can be quite pleasurable, but lacks as a whole. The first track, “Follow,” is a great introduction track with a driving percussion and lyrics that attacks the idea of conformity. “Disaster Fiend” lacks the intensity of “Follow” with lyrics that are a bit jumbled and music that sounds like they’re trying too hard. “Deliver” is a song that shows the band at its best. The musicianship is strong, with a great piano composition and meaningful lyrics with a great delivery, proving to be the best song of the self-titled album. “Ultra Violet” doesn’t live up to the expectations from “Deliver” lyrically, but the unique musical composition is worth a listen. “Ghost” is slow, lacking surprises with lyrics that attempt to be a spiritual. The next tracks, “Throwaway” and “Lips,” sound like a band afraid to take risks, sounding like any mainstream band on the radio with fluffy lyrics and extremely polished music. “While You Were Sleeping,” on the other hand is quirky and fun, and sometimes laughable, but once again lacks in the music. “I Wonder” is another fun track, with happy-go-lucky music and one of the best vocal deliveries that the album has to offer. The final track, “Lovers ‘ Madmen,” is the first attempt for the band to rock, and it shows them sounding awkward at times. The album isn’t necessarily bad, but is something that is easily be forgotten as it lacks originality as the band struggles to find their own sound. Good effort by the boys from Grandville, but maybe next time they can throw a few more surprises in there and sound more raw. – Matt Manning