Quiznos adds a new flavor to Wooster Street

As Quiznos adds another dining option onto Wooster Street, business owners and students anticipate an increase in variety and competition in the city’s fast food market.

The restaurant opened Monday and is located on Wooster St. across from Harshman Quadrangle.

Elaine Skoog, executive director of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, said the restaurant coming to Bowling Green is good because “it shows that we are growing economically.”

The arrival of Quiznos also brings more competition for restaurants already in the city.

“There are a lot of choices,” said Steve Gesicki, general manager of Pita Pit at 522 Wooster St., regarding the number of restaurants already established in Bowling Green.

“The market’s very saturated,” Gesicki said. This saturation makes it difficult for new restaurants to come in and be successful.

The growing number of competitors is leading some to believe that certain restaurants may take a financial hit.

Allison Kennedy, an apparel merchandising major, believes Subway’s customer base will be the restaurant most negatively affected.

“People are going to want to go there and try something new,” Kennedy said.

Kevin Smith, general manager of Jimmy John’s at 1616 Wooster St., agrees because, despite the number of Subway restaurants in Bowling Green, both Subway and Quiznos make a very similar style of sandwich.

Gesicki thought DiBenedetto’s, a locally-owned restaurant next to Quiznos, will be affected most.

But Ramona DiBenedetto, who owns DiBenedetto’s with her husband, doesn’t believe the presence of Quiznos will negatively affect their business.

She said their family ownership and solid clientele will keep them safe.

DiBenedetto said their family ownership allows them to do certain things a chain restaurant can’t do, like cater dinners.

Part of DiBenedetto’s clientele consists of return customers like the hockey and track teams that they cater for after competitions.

“We’ve run the gamut,” DiBenedetto said, naming off restaurants like Blimpie and Skyline Chili as ones that didn’t last in Bowling Green.

Dan Kuhn, who owns the new Quiznos along with his wife Tatiana, disagrees with those who think his restaurant will not survive.

They say their fresh meat and different flavor as just two of the reasons they will last.

Kuhn said the ever-changing Quiznos menu will give them an advantage over the competition as well.

“When someone introduces a new flavor into the market you can get people to stray away from their usual tastes,” Kuhn said.

Kuhn also believes since the restaurant is so close to campus and I-75 his business will flourish.

Not wanting to exclude the Bowling Green locals and those in off-campus housing, Kuhn said he plans to start delivery service in the near future.