University official defends department decision on Adams

**correction appended**

The University’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and interim Provost said earlier this week he supports the Department of Ethnic Studies’ decision to not offer a new contract to Carlos Adams, a department instructor. Mark Gromko said he trusted the department’s application and interview process, which he said followed best practices used by several other universities. “We follow a well-defined procedure that passes increasingly higher and higher bars,” Gromko said. These include endorsements from the University’s legal officials and its Office of Equity and Diversity. “They’re fairly satisfied that we have paid attention to all appropriate procedures,” Gromko said. Adams’ supporters started a petition demanding his reinstatement after learning of the department’s decision in late April.They created the “Justice for Dr. Carlos Adams at BGSU” committee and sent copies of the petition, along with letters of complaint, to several University officials, including Gromko. That petition has gathered more than 400 signatures. But, Gromko said in an interview, “any response to a petition or to media complaints would not represent best practices.” For one, a response would not be fair to other candidates who might not have been selected for positions, he argued. “Do the petitioners have access to all the information that we do? The answer is no,” Gromko said. “We have gathered input from many constituencies during the interview process.” Gromko’s comments come as the Adams committee gears up for a rally and march to be held next Friday during the University’s Board of Trustees meeting. The committee sent copies of their letters and petition to the board in the last few weeks. Linda Dobb, the board’s secretary, was out of town yesterday and could not be reached for comment. Dobb was quoted in a BG News story in May saying the board usually wouldn’t consider personnel questions, like that of Adams, at their meetings. Errol Lam, a University faculty emeritus and spokesman for the committee, said the rally “represents another step in our effort to bring attention to this case.” “This petition is alive,” he said. “We’re hoping to make the campus more aware of the fact that our committee is rallying on behalf of Carlos Adams.”

**Correction: Mark Gromko’s title is misstated in this article. He is the interim provost and vice president for academic affairs.