CD Review: Carina Round – “Slow Motion Addict”

Grade: A

Carina Round may be relatively new to music addicts, but with the release of her third studio album, second on Interscope, “Slow Motion Addict,” showcases a more electronic, more produced side to her music. The first track, “Stolen Car,” is an aggressive tune with pounding drums and Round shouts the lyrics “Temptation, I give up the fight, Tonight my body is an open mouth” in the chorus. “How Many Times” sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s recorded the track with the screeching guitars and Round’s voice sounding identical to Karen O’s vocals. “Ready To Confess” continues with the aggressiveness of “Stolen Car” with crunchy guitar riffs and punk rock delivery proving that Round can really rock. “Want More” is another track that sounds much like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, with a more popish chorus that goes right back into the punk sounding verses. From here, the tracks become slower and focus on Round’s gentler, more artsy side. “Down Slow” explores a more sexual nature with a slower tempo and not so innocent lyrics, but it proves to be one of her stronger tracks. Her first single, “Come To You,” is definitely more commercial than any other track and merely serves the purpose of another radio-friendly ballad. The self-titled track, “Slow Motion Addict,” although slower, keeps the tension going. The final track, “The City” is another slow song and is full of wonder, sounding like a lullaby. With the release of “Slow Motion Addict,” one thing is for sure; Carina Round can really rock. Her songs are catchy and no matter the tempo it will deliver the goods. For any music fan, I’m sure you’ll be hearing her name a lot more with this release.