Eat, drink and stay healthy

The Student Recreation Center and Wellness Connection offers advice and opportunities for students to think twice before eating that second helping this holiday season.

“It comes down to two factors that include keep moving and controlled eating habits,” said director of Wellness Connection Faith Yingling.

Exercising will also reduce stress during the holiday season.

One strategy is to keep up with activities such as walking, running, jumping rope or even dancing around the house.

“Try to exercise whenever you can, like taking the stairs and parking farther away,” Yingling said.

Eating habits go hand in hand with exercise.

“Make a conscious decision to choose one snack to indulge in,” Yingling said.

The Rec Center offers numerous services and ideas for students to stay fit on campus and at home.

“We have some new equipment such as bikes that are interactive rides through the Redwood Forest and are almost like being a part of a video game,” said associate director of the Rec Center Cathy Swick.

The Rec Center also offers traditional treadmills, swimming, weight lifting, basketball, table tennis and many more opportunities to make new years resolutions attainable.

“We encourage students to stay active to moderate stress and to remember it’s never too late to start,” Swick said.

While at home most health clubs or centers will offer guest passes or holiday break packages for students to take part in Swick said.

“Without classes, this is a great time to devote to exercising,” Swick said.

The Fitwell Center runs all of the aerobic classes and helps students with their physical needs while at the Rec.

Betsy Kovar, student supervisor at the Fitwell Center, said she has found that as the weather gets worse less students attend their classes. She encourages all students to be aware of their fitness over the holiday season.

“Everything should be in moderation, self-control and having a plan,” said Kovar.

Students should also be aware of what they are drinking, especially when it comes to high-carlorie drinks such as eggnog.

“It all adds up and packs on the calories,” Kovar said.

Students can also look into home work-out DVDs such as yoga and cardio.

“You want to keep your heart rate at a certain level for a certain amount of time,” Kovar said.

Taking part in normal holiday activities, such as shopping and ice skating, will also keep students active.

“Get with your family after dinner and walk to look at the decorations, walk the dog, or go sledding,” Yingling said.

Students are also encouraged to eat something before going to dinner so they are not famished, Yingling said.

The holiday season offers a time of rest and staying fit, physically and emotionally.

“Being physically active promotes your overall well-being and positive outlook on life,” Kovar said.