Online journal promotes local students’ artwork

Kelly Metz and Kelly Metz

University artists now have the opportunity to submit their work to NOW Art, an online journal started by a fellow artist and student.

Amber LeFever, a junior at the University, realized her first year as an art student that BGSU did not have a way for students to have their work printed and exhibited outside a gallery setting.

‘Student artists deserve recognition, and BG does not have a journal which features student art,’ LeFever said. ‘[The journal] provides a means of networking between other artists and could further someone’s career by getting their name out to the world.’

NOW Art was voted into the NOW Ohio Organization Wednesday as an official online publication through the program. NOW Ohio is a student-run organization started at the University that promotes the arts and opportunities in northwest Ohio.

NOW Art was developed out of an arts management course (THFM 275). Through the class, LeFever has the resources, guidance and time to put her ideas on the Web and take work submitted by only undergraduate and graduate students.

The journal will focus on student-produced work and also provide a perspective from a student point of view on other artists or in the arts in general. It will act the same way a film or writing journal would, said Angel Vasquez, an arts management professor.

The journal is also a way for art students to submit several pieces of work to be critiqued and analyzed by other artists in and out of Bowling Green.

Students can submit up to 10 pieces of work in one discipline, with only five accepted. Each piece must include title, size and year completed. The work is primarily visual art such as painting, sculpting and photography.

Of the work submitted, none will be sold through the NOW Art journal.

‘The journal is being made to help artists learn to prepare for exhibition and is just for the sake of art,’ LeFever said.

NOW Art will also provide another medium for artists besides having a show or gallery space, Vasquez said.

‘The key is that it is bringing an opportunity for young and emerging artists to showcase work and in a different forum and format,’ he said. ‘The format Amber is creating is perfect and ideal to present any student work. It’s really about promoting and advocating for young artists.’

Students like Emily Otte, junior, who have already submitted their work, are excited for the NOW Arts release next semester.

‘It is great for budding artists of BG to have their work published on the Internet,’ Otte said. ‘It will be good to have access to other BG artists just by going online. As a student, I am constantly looking for ways to have my art exposed to the public. NOW Art is a perfect solution.’

Artists can submit their work to [email protected] before Jan. 11, 2008.