Fans need to show up for big game this weekend

Tonight the Falcon Hockey team hosts the No. 3 ranked team in the country, Michigan and I am encouraging students and the community to attend the game for several reasons.

First, aside from the national Wolverine powerhouse being in town, the Icers are also nationally ranked coming in at No. 18. They have experienced a tremendous start to the season. This is especially important taking into consideration the lack of success the program has seen in recent years, bringing me to my next point.

I’ve been going to school here for six years (don’t laugh) and I have grown up in BG my entire life. I have seen several sports teams have their “heyday.” Most recently football in 2003 and 2004 and the women’s basketball team the last few years.

However, due to the fact the hockey team has not been as productive, I have seen less interest and fan support at home games. This is unfortunate because these athletes put just as much time on and off the ice like all other student athletes do.

I have befriended several of the players recently in hopes of getting to know them better and perhaps to look past the misconceptions several people have about the team. I can tell you this, they have a new attitude and are excited about their potential.

It is a shame that one of them told me the crowds have been embarrassing considering how exciting and fun it is to watch this team. They are ninth in the country in scoring and have the second best power play.

Maybe I am just showing my bias, however, even if you don’t care much for hockey at least come to the game to socialize and meet people or burn some stress while getting away from studying for finals. It is a hockey environment after all”

Granted this is UM and there most likely will be a good turn out, but this team deserves comprehensive fan support for every home game including weekends against weaker foes. Therefore, come to all home games, not just ones against big name opponents.

A side note is that the two teams will play again tomorrow night at quite possibly one of the most difficult hockey venues to play, Yost Arena, in Ann Arbor, where I personally have never seen BG win. A message to the team; I know you boys can make it happen. I mean, Ohio State won there last weekend and they are horrendous. At least the CCHA is a top hockey conference, unlike the Big Ten in football.

Anyway it’s hockey season so I better see you at the game, or I am going to go Kai Kantola on you. Go Falcons!

Tyler Sworden is a senior majoring in journalism.