Caught on camera

The Bowling Green City Police Department is circulating still photos of two men caught on surveillance video stealing clothes from Kirk’s Coin Laundry on South Main.

The video showed two men entering the laundromat after midnight on Thursday Nov. 9. The two males brought their own laundry into Kirk’s and then proceeded to look around.

After realizing the laundromat was empty the males returned their laundry to their car outside and one of the males re-entered Kirk’s.

The man then went to a dryer containing clothes and emptied the dryer, except for a few items, into a garbage bag.

The other male was video taped waiting outside looking around for any people who might pull up to the laundromat.

The two men then drove off with approximately $200 in clothing items.

The victim was a Bowling Green State University student who wishes to remain anonymous because of safety reasons.

‘I use Kirk’s Coin Laundry all the time because it is so close to where I live,’ he said. ‘I never really expected this to happen.’

The victim watched the surveillance tape and could not believe what he saw.

‘These two guys looked like professionals,’ he said. ‘They have definitely done this before to other people.’

After watching the tape, the victim thought differently about the crime.

‘At first I thought maybe this person needed the clothes more than me, but after watching a guy in a Tommy Hillfiger jacket steal my clothes I do not think that was the case,’ he said.

The victim also found the tape somewhat funny.

‘It is not everyday that you get to see the actual crime happen,’ he said. ‘It is serious but also amusing that someone would steal my clothes while being videotaped.’

Even after this incident the victim still plans on using Kirk’s Coin Laundry.

‘They have video cameras unlike some of the other places and it is not their fault these guys decided to do this,’ he said. ‘I still do my laundry there just during the day and I stay there with it.’

Police are confident that circulating the photos will lead to an arrest.

Lt. Brad Connor, police information officer for the Bowling Green City Police Department, said that the department has used photos like this before and the unexpected happened.

‘We did this once before in a theft that was caught on tape and the guy turned himself in,’ Connor said. ‘He saw his picture on the front page of the paper and figured he was going to get caught anyway so he thought it would be much easier to just cooperate with us.’

Connor suggests that people do not leave their laundry unattended.

‘Laundry is like anything else you own, you should not leave it unattended or it might be taken,’ he said. ‘Your best bet is to stay with your laundry to avoid anything like this.’

If you have any information regarding this case call crime stoppers at 352-0077 or the Bowling Green City Police Department at 352-2571.