Q. I recently had a request for a telephone interview and am really nervous. How should I approach this situation? What should I expect? -Martin

A. In terms of a phone interview, definitely take it seriously and be prepared. Make sure that you let other housemates know that you will be on the phone conducting a phone interview. It would be very embarrassing for you if a housemate picked up the phone and started dialing while you were in the middle of telling a hiring manager what you can do for their company! Additionally, make sure you’ve eliminated all distractions. Typically, a phone interview determines if an in-person interview will occur. The hiring manager or HR personnel wants to get an idea of what you are looking for and if you will be a good match for the company/position. As I tell any potential candidate, this is your chance to ask questions. Have a list of questions you’d like to ask the interviewer. It’s important that the job description and company matches your needs as well.

Kathy Turner

University Relations

Integrated Device Technology, Inc.


Q. Is a double major really beneficial in the workforce?- Jenn

A. Double majors are very impressive, but do not necessarily imply workforce success. What it shows is that the person has at least two career interests and can handle the same convincingly. What’s important in college, in my opinion, is not much dependent on what you have tried to learn while in school. Your success in the workforce is gauged by your ability to think things through and cost-effectively carry out to completion job-related tasks in a reasonable time frame.

Cris Liban

Senior Environmental Engineer

ThermoRetec Corporation


Q. There are organizations and companies where I have an interested in working, but they currently have no job openings. Do I write a regular cover letter, or is there a format for a letter of interest to just let them know who I am and to keep me in mind if a position becomes available? -Lisa

A. Yes, write a cover letter about how you can best fit into their organization. No openings in the morning could change to an opening by late afternoon. Be precise in placing your resume. Send it to the VP of the

department you want to work in because the VP can create openings. Human Resources focuses on positions currently open. It doesn’t hurt to send your resume to both.

Teresa Jackson

Human Resource Manager

Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX)