BG/Buffalo rematch would’ve made great final

Andrew Harner and Andrew Harner

While it’s always nice to see some upsets in any kind of tournament, the stakes would have been a lot higher if No. 1 Bowling Green was to have gone against No. 3 Buffalo in the Mid-American Conference championship game Saturday night. Instead, BG’s Cinderella run ended with a semifinal loss as No. 5 Akron went on to beat the Bulls for their first MAC Championship. With the Falcons and Bulls sharing the MAC East division and regular season titles, watching those two teams duke it out for the actual MAC Championship would be a treat to see. With two teams out to complete some unfinished business, namely a MAC regular season championship, the emotions would have run high, the crowd would have been wild and the seniors would have played the biggest game of their lives. Not only that, the winner would go to the NCAA Tournament while the loser would be subjected to the NIT. With the Big Dance on the bucket list of every Div. I college basketball player, every player in the game would have their agenda in order. Not that agendas weren’t in order in the Buffalo/Akron game, but the other stakes would have added to the emotion of a BG/Buffalo game. In addition, Buffalo was swept by the Falcons during the regular season so they would be that much more ready for the title bout. And not only were they swept, they were beat in two games they were expected to win, leaving a chip on their shoulders. But all was not lost as Akron finally breaking through in its third straight finals appearance adding some drama to an unexpected championship game. But while that was the case, a BG/Buffalo matchup would have likely answered the following questions in a much more exciting manner. Was Buffalo/Akron entertaining? Yes. A good battle? For the most part. Emotional? Of course. So while the MAC has no control over who wins during tournament time, the league did miss out on what would’ve been the best possible championship matchup. That being said, a BG/Buffalo game could have been terrible. But with all the added incentive to win for both BG and Buffalo, the only thing left to say about a BG/Buffalo matchup is only God knows what would have happened.’