Major breakdown

Heather Linder and Heather Linder

Senior year for University students means finishing course requirements and contemplating the future as graduation looms. But is senior year for all majors created equal?

(click for larger version) The Counseling Center offers a variety of workshops for those student’s who may have some issues handling stress, according to the Counseling Center self help Web site. Check out the Web site for more information on how to make the most out of your major, without worrying about deadline pressures and papers due. ‘bull; Relax your body ‘- An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body. Learn relaxation strategies that can help you ward off stress and maintain your productivity and positive outlook. ‘bull; Nurture yourself ‘- In order to function well, it is essential to take good care of yourself. Learn about ways to nurture your body, mind and mood; and discuss strategies for overcoming obstacles to good self-care. ‘bull; Improve your relationships ‘- Close, healthy relationships can bring you support and enjoyment. Learn some skills for building, improving, and evaluating your relationships. ‘bull;Conquer procrastination ‘- If you’re doing everything at the last minute, you’re not doing your best work. Learn about how ‘A’ and ‘F’ students manage their time, and build the knowledge and skills you need to conquer procrastination.