It’s time to replace Anderson Arena

I find myself getting more and more disappointed in the student support of athletics at the University. I cannot believe the reaction the Stroh Center is receiving. Does the student body not support athletics at all? Athletes represent the University to other schools and the public. Do you really want Anderson Arena representing our University? Frankly, the current arena is an embarrassment when you compare it to other schools in the MAC and across the country. Our women’s basketball team was picked 25th in the recent poll and the men’s team is also having an outstanding season and this is where they play? Volleyball is another sport that would benefit from a new facility. I believe all these teams have been playing in the arena long enough and deserve a new one. I know the $60 fee is a lot, especially in this economy. However, let’s not forget we get into sporting events for free. Some universities charge their students to attend games to generate revenue. Would you be willing to go to a game if you had to pay every time you had to go? Has anyone thought about how the Strohs are feeling? If I donated that much money to a university and the students protested the use of that money I would feel hurt and confused. It is their money that they donated and I feel they have the right to say what that money goes towards. In addition to providing benefits for athletics, the Stroh Center would also allow the University to bring in more events such as concerts. Everyone who has been to a concert at Anderson Arena knows how horrible the sound is; the Stroh Center would provide a better venue for this type of event. We would also be more likely to book bigger name bands with the new center. I am graduating this May and would graduate in a building that has air conditioning, better sound, quality lighting, more seating and an overall better atmosphere than in Anderson Arena. While it would obviously not effect my graduation it would affect future classes. Also, think about how the high tech facility will look to future prospects at the University. Future recruits for the basketball and volleyball programs would be much more willing to come and play at this new arena. Also, non-athletic students will see this new facility and believe students at Bowling Green love and support their sports teams. Before you vote no on the Stroh Center issue I ask you to think about the dedication and hard work the men and women’s basketball team, volleyball team and all the others at Bowling Green put out for this school. They are representing you to the world as Bowling Green State University; isn’t it time you returned the favor? —Stefanie Menoff, Senior