Students voting for Stroh Center not logical

This letter is to the kids who don’t want the Stroh Center built, which I’m sure is most who were outside the Union protesting on Wednesday. I’ve been following this series of events recently all the way from the time Undergraduate Student Government passed the Stroh Center fees till yesterday, during which we had the most uninformed kids trying to represent our University. I have a couple questions to ask you guys. You say USG did not represent you, and you had no voice. Guess what? You voted for them. Whether you like it or not, they were elected to be representatives of you. I like how you guys think the students should be able to vote on this issue. Were the people of the United States asked what we thought of the $787 billion stimulus package passed a couple weeks ago? Sure we weren’t. We elected the congressmen to be our voice for us. The same thing applies here. As I looked through the pictures yesterday in the BG News I was very disappointed in the signs kids were holding up. Example, ‘U.S.G can S my D.’ – very classy by that individual. Way to represent your University. These kids are out there to protest just to protest. I find it very funny that the communications director for the Coalition for Undergraduate Student Government Reform is also the guy at all the home women’s basketball games trying to be their coach. You would think he would be in favor of it. From the quotes I’ve been reading, a lot of kids have an issue with the timing of the construction. I’ve read everything from the economy is too bad to build, to the money should be put into dormitories. When Mr. Stroh earmarked this money it was for construction of a new convocation center. How irresponsible would it be for Bowling Green to turn down over $13 million in private donations during these tough economic times? The students complain about the $60 per semester fee, calling it excessive and saying the Stroh Center doesn’t benefit the students. I’ve never heard anyone complain about a $60 pair of jeans or a $60 North Face coat, why all the fuss now? From all the information I’ve gathered it seems like most people are in favor of the Stroh Center but don’t want to pay for it. Great way of thinking there! We want everything, but don’t want to pay for anything. This is great logic. Mr. Christopher, start those bulldozers and let’s get some progress made on this Stroh Center. —Derek Winner, Senior