Photos: Students take a stand on Stroh

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(Photos by Alaina Buzas)

LEFT: Students hold signs in support of a referendum in the Union Free Speech Zone yesterday afternoon. Most of the signs referenced students’ dissapproval of their USG senator’s actions.

RIGHT: Alexander Brown adressess his concerns about the Stroh Center to USG President John Waynick during the Rally. Waynick said there were some flaws in the Coalition’s arguments but also said he was glad to see students taking action. ‘I wouldn’t want to represent a student body that wasn’t informed. I think they are informed and knowledgeable,’ Waynick said.

LEFT: Coalition member Joe Edens waits for students to be released from classes so he can collecting more signatures on the petition for the referendum. The coalition had a goal of collection 1,000 signatures.

RIGHT: Joelle Ryan and Christopher Wager participate in the rally yesterday. Ryan said the referendum on the Stroh Center was more than just a student issue. ‘Although this mostly affects undergraduate students, it really affects the entire campus and the entire community,’ Ryan said. ‘The administration is making decisions that affect us without our consent.’

ABOVE: Seniors Corey Baum and Durrell Becton agreed that their views had been misrepresented by USG’s decisions. ‘I feel as though we haven’t had a choice, we haven’t had a vote. We haven’t even had a voice in what was going on,’ Becton said.’