GSS discusses on-campus housing

Hannah Sparling and Hannah Sparling

At their last meeting before spring break, members of the Graduate Student Senate discussed the possibly of graduate student housing at the Enclave. On Friday, they brought the discussion a little bit closer to home and talked about on-campus options. Michael Griffel, director of Residence Life at the University, and Andrea Depinet, associate director, spoke to GSS about housing in Founders Hall. Starting this fall, a section of Founders will be designated for graduate students only. The graduate students who choose to live there will live much like undergraduate students who live on campus, including the mandatory purchase of a University meal plan. Depinet said housing in Founders would be good for graduate students because of the convenience of being close to classes and also the environment it would provide. ‘You would be surrounded by other graduate students in the same type of living situation,’ she said. GSS passed a resolution at the meeting in support of graduate housing on campus. The resolution also acknowledged, however, that Founders is not the answer for everyone and expressed support for continued development of on-campus graduate housing options. At the meeting, GSS also discussed the undergraduate student referendum regarding the Stroh Center. Graduate students are not able to vote on the referendum, but if it passes they will still have to pay the same fee as undergraduates. GSS President Emmanual Guillory said if senators support the idea, GSS can draft legislation either in support of or against the fee and the Stroh Center, but so far he has not seen much interest coming from graduate students. ‘It has been an undergrad hot topic,’ he said. ‘It really hasn’t been an issue of concern for us. Not a single person has talked to me about anything or expressed any concern.’