Falcons’ quarterfinal win bittersweet for coach Orr

Andrew Harner and Andrew Harner

CLEVELAND’ – BG coach Louis Orr watched his team dismantle a hungry Ohio squad Thursday night, yet in the end, it was just a bittersweet moment for him. That’s because Orr’s nephew, Justin Orr, is a senior starting forward for the Bobcats, and it was the elder Orr who ended the more youthful’s career. After the buzzer sounded in a 74-61 win for the Falcons, the two Orrs had a brief embrace on the sidelines before it was back to business for both. ‘I just told him I love him and great career,’ Louis said. Justin had a great game to end his career, scoring 11 points with one block, arguably his best outing against his uncle. On Jan. 5, 2008, Orr went 2-of-8 from the field for four points in his debut against Louis. He grabbed five rebounds and had two assists. A little over two months later on March 19, Orr was 2-of-6 from the field for four points, his worst outing against his uncle. But since the two first faced off in 2008, the younger Orr has gotten better each time out. In the first game this season on Jan. 24, Orr was just 1-of-11 shooting for five points, and he grabbed five rebounds. Two Sundays ago, Orr was 4-of-11 shooting for 10 points. However, for Louis, it doesn’t matter how many points his nephew scores, he knows that after basketball, Justin will live a valuable life. ‘I love my nephew,’ Orr said. ‘He’s not just a quality player, he’s a good, young man.’ And while he knows and understands that, coaching against his nephew is still a difficult thing for Orr. ‘It’s really not my favorite thing coaching against him,’ Orr said. Thursday was a perfect example of how that works. At the beginning of the game, Orr was getting several open looks that ended with three made three-pointers. Knowing his first priority is to his own team, the elder Orr sent a message to his players. ‘I told the guys ‘he can’t get any more open looks,” Orr said.