Wolfe Center for the Arts and Stroh Center will invest in students future

As an active University alumnus, I am excited about the future of my alma mater. A couple projects that will greatly enhance the campus and student life are the Wolfe Center for the Arts and the Stroh Center. As someone who supports academics, the arts and athletics, I’m confident these facilities will benefit both students and alumni for many years to come. When I was an undergraduate student at the University, part of my general fees went to retire the debt on the Student Rec Center. This facility was built and the funding approved before I ever set foot on campus. However, it has gone on to be used by thousands of students, faculty, staff and alumni since I was a student. I’m proud of this much-used facility and its impact on campus life, as well as the investment I made in it though my general fees. As current students, you now have before you the opportunity to support a facility that will also be an important part of your BGSU experience: the Stroh Center. Whether attending an athletic event, concert, or, most importantly, commencement, this facility will be one from which everyone can benefit. Just as I have invested and am investing in the future of the University, I encourage all students to support the Stroh Center (and the existing USG vote) and vote ‘no’ on the referendum this Friday. –Jeffrey D. Rader, Alumnus, Finance and an MBA graduate.