University film graduates produce ‘sly’ new Web series

Just outside of Dayton in Fairborn, Ohio, University film alumni Sean Cruser and Jimmy Barker have remained busy putting their creative skills to constant work.’ Along with a fellow film fanatic, Micah Kemplin, the group of frenetic film-makers have continued to conjure up unique short films and a clever new Web series. Produced under their company called SPG Productions, their newest Web series is titled ‘You Sly Minx.’ As a series that’s proclaimed to be about anything, ‘You Sly Minx’ opens the playing field for taking its audience anywhere.’ For director Sean Cruser, that possibility of creativity is essential. ‘There is a specific structure to the show that we developed,” Cruser said.’ ‘Within that structure we are destroying what we think the normal expectations will be for the audience members.’ Watching people react to their work is something they all see as’ rewarding.’ Surprising an audience and making them laugh is what the group constantly strives to succeed in.’ Most importantly, their work even pleases themselves. ‘I laugh way too much while operating the camera,’ Cruser said. That joy of film-making is something that truly rises from their work.’ With Barker and Cruser having studied film production at the University, their previous work consists of an original series titled ‘Underexposed’ that exposes the struggles of a film student fitting in with college life.’ Full of their signature perturbing humor and Barker’s awkwardly charismatic acting, ‘Underexposed’ paved the way for further explorations of a unique sense of humor. ‘After so much serious study on film making, I wanted to retreat back into my comfort zone of sophomoric humor,’ Barker said. With ‘You Sly Minx,’ they have achieved exactly that along with an added level of creativity. Kemplin states: ‘The driving idea for ‘You Sly Minx’ was to film something quickly, cheaply and still have it look good and be hilarious.” After six episodes, the boys have only spent a total of $50; mostly on mini DV tapes. Aside from Kemplin’s dreams of ‘You Sly Minx’ one day winning an Oscar, SPG Productions is continuing to develop original ideas with titles like ‘Mandog”and ‘The Back Seat Car Goon.” Most of all, there’s a surrounding theme to their work that great pride is taken in perfecting. As Cruser says, ‘We love to laugh. In times like these, we just want to reach out with our sense of humor and high five everyone in the heart. Except heart patients. That could be dangerous.’ You can check out ‘You Sly Minx’ and the complete library of SPG Productions at or’