Bowling Green residents face clean-up or fine

Lin Chafetz and Lin Chafetz

Residents in Bowling Green could see a fee of $50 for littering ‘shy;- for anything from a cigarette butt to the cleanup of a party. However Lieutenant Tony Hetrick said while there is a fine for littering, nobody has ever been fined for the littering of a cigarette butt in Bowling Green. Littering in Bowling Green is a fine of $50 and the second offense fine is $100, for a civil offense, he said. A civil offense is not kept on record but is kept track of by the police station in cases of a second offense. This differs from a criminal offense, which can have larger fines and can be kept on record. Koen Van Bommel, a sophomore who usually throws his butts on the street, said he would understand the fine, but might be angry. ‘I usually try to put out my cigarette in an ashtray or put it in a trash can,’ he said. ‘Sometimes it just doesn’t work, like in a car where sometimes there isn’t an ashtray.’ One of the more common littering offenses in Bowling Green is when residences in town do not clean up after a party. ‘We have charges for that weekly,’ Hetrick said. ‘We usually encourage them to clean up the mess and repeat offenders are charged.’ Freshman Lauren Rex said she thinks the party garbage is one of the main problems with littering in Bowling Green. ‘You can definitely see the evidence of a party the night before on Sunday mornings,’ she said. ‘It usually isn’t bad after a few days, but the day after it’s horrible.’ ‘ As far as the $50 littering charge for a cigarette butt, Rex said it’s reasonable. ‘People should just throw them away,’ she said. Dont’eacute; Dandridge, another freshman, agreed. ‘I don’t think that it matters the size of the litter, it’s still litter in our town,’ he said.