SNK veteran, sister gives the do’s and don’ts of the weekend

Kelly Metz and Kelly Metz

Sibs ‘N’ Kids is here. For the past four years I have watched little tikes running around with their older, wiser siblings sporting BGSU attire and telling everyone how they are going to go to Bowling Green when they grow up. In fact, I have not only observed, but have had my little sister, the now 10-year-old Abbey, join me the past four years. She is a little girl who has quite the attitude most of the time and has so much energy. On Sunday night after she leaves, I’m often found napping. It’s quite sad to see this weekend come and go because my little sister really is one of my best friends. She is smart and really funny and gets along with all my friends. ‘ ‘ ‘ She is wise beyond her age, and she definitely will put you in your place. And she packs a punch. But fear is not the only reason I let my little sister come this weekend, it’s to show her the life I have made for myself in Bowling Green and show her, that despite the 11 year gap between us, she is still a part of it. And while the siblings can get annoying from time to time – and let’s face it, practically be breathing, walking birth control – it is still fun to see them run around the Union carnival, ice skate with the hockey team and climb the rock wall (Abbey made it all the way to the top while I froze in fear half-way up). So, as a seasoned veteran and pro of SNK, here are some of my suggestions on how to make it through this weekend without drinking yourself into an Arbor Mist (What?! It looks like Kool-Aid!) stupor. Do not, and I repeat, do not leave your candy bucket in plain sight of a chocolate-loving, bed-jumping, never-sleeping child. I made this mistake my sophomore year and allowed my sister to sleep in my bed while I stayed on the futon. I went to take a siesta and found myself lying in wrappers and melted chocolate. Yuck, no wonder she was so wired. Myle’s Dairy Queen medium ice cream cones and the sun do not mix. The child will feel faint and pass out. After sleeping off the ‘cona,’ the child will drink a lot of water and curse you for not warning them of consumption repercussions (even though you clearly did). Ask your roommate to stay elsewhere if he/she plans to attend a party. When the kid walks into your room and finds your roommate lying on the couch/floor, looking like death with their head in the trashcan, it raises a lot of questions. Don’t get your lip pierced the day before the kid comes, especially if you are a ‘role model’ (and I’m not talking the Paul Rudd kind), because the kid will walk around with a fake earring in their lip for two days. Not cool. Basically, imagine yourself as a young kid again. Do what they want and remember: This is still your University; it is just temporarily being overtaken by lots of screaming, sometimes whiny little kids. Oh, and if your sibling is over the age of 16 or so, and you do plan on taking them out for a night on the Manville Avenue ‘- I am not condoning underage drinking ‘- watch out for the coppers. You don’t want to be responsible for a SNK’ arrest. ABBEY’S ANGLE ‘I really enjoyed Dairy Queen, but I did not enjoy the big ice cream cones, a medium is definitely too big. And I suggest getting it in a cup.’ ‘If you and the sibling fight, the older one still has to pretend like they love the little one, even if they are really annoying sometimes.’ ‘Another thing to do if you fight: the younger one should give the silent treatment for two hours. By the end of the silence, the older one will feel guilty, say sorry and do whatever you want.’ ‘Watch movies, stay up late and go work at the front desk so you can do duty walks and see the drunk people check-in.’ ‘If you have a meal card, eat on campus. If you don’t, go to Chipotle, even though I don’t like Chipotle, but I hear it’s pretty good.’ ‘Go into the dorms and see who you can find that you know. College kids are cool.’ My fungenda: Climbing the rock wall, going to the Rec swimming pool, going to the carnival, walking around downtown, ‘High School Musical’ on the big screen, blindfolded makeovers, pajama parties and fashion shows. One more thing. ‘Never, ever, eat the foam soap in the dorm bathrooms.’