The Pulse’s Top 5 Awesome Infomercials

Ella Fowler and Ella Fowler

They are loud, boisterous and demanding. They are infomercials. Late night fillers for those lacking sleep, infomercials try to get consumers to buy their products by constantly promising out-of-this-world guarantees. But who and what can consumers trust when it comes to these ‘amazing’ products promising to change buyers lives? Below is a comprehensive list of The Pulse’s top five infomercial products and their consumer reviews. Be the judge and decide which one fits the college lifestyle. All ratings courtesy of 5. Chef Tony’s Miracle Blades What it is: Claiming to be the sharpest knives ever, it is no wonder Chef Tony’s Miracle Blade Knives made our top five list. The Miracle Blade include a variety of knives from the Miracle Blade Slicer to the Chop ‘n Scoop ( What it claims: Using his knives to cut rock, Chef Tony exclaims that these knives will never dull and includes in writing a lifetime guarantee that these knives will stay sharp, replacing them if they do not. Chef Tony guarantees these knives slice turkey perfectly and can filet a fish wonderfully. What it actually does: According to, consumers rate the Miracle Blade from one star saying the knife is not worth the money because they ‘dull easily, do not handle or cut well.’ One consumer even said the knives are dangerous saying, ‘Every time I used I get injured.’ However, one consumer gives these knives five stars out of five stating, ‘These knives are very sharp and cut through anything so easily and smooth. These are the sharpest knives I’ve ever dealt with.’ What it costs: $39.99 + $19.95 S’amp;H How it rates: 4/5 stars 4. Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer What it is: Created by fitness expert and body builder Jack LaLanne, the Power Juicer comes in various different models include the power juicer pro, power juicer classic and the power juicer deluxe. With an unlimited warranty on the motor, the juicer provides one with all their favorite juices from carrot to apple to mango. ( What it claims: Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer guarantees its users will stay fit and healthy because it creates fresh juice every time. Unlike other juicers, the Power Juicer claims to make up to 30 percent more juice and, according to its Web site, the Power Juicer is whisper-quiet, has a stainless steel blade and accommodates most fruits and vegetables whole. What it actually does: According to, consumers rate the Power Juicer from zero stars to five stars. Some consumers claimed the juicer worked great giving them delicious juice while others say their juice tasted terrible, the appliance was noisy and a waste of money. What it costs: $99.80 to $149.97 How it rates: 3/5 stars 3. Shamwow What it is: Vince Offer created the Shamwow to take the place of regular old towels and can be in every day chores. Lasting 10 years, the Shamwow claims ‘you’ll say WOW every time!’ What it claims: The Shamwow claims to absorb 12 times its size in liquid while also easily removing cola, wine and pet stains. According to the Shamwow Web site, the product washes, dries and polishes any surface and is also machine washable and bleachable. What it actually does: According to, consumers rated the Shamwow on the lower side with only a few buyers giving it a five star rating. Many reviewers were upset by the product saying they never received the product or it caused a bigger mess then if they had used paper towels. However, some reviewers were happy with the product, saying that while it doesn’t do everything promised on the infomercial it still works well. What it costs: $19.99 for 4 Shamwows How it rates: 2/5 stars 2. The GT’ Express 101 What it is: The GT Xpress 101 claims to make quick easy, healthy and delicious meals in under 10 minutes. The design and built in cord make it easy to store. The GT Xpress 101 can make 101 different recipes inspired by creator Cathy Mitchell which are included with the product ( What it claims: The GT Xpress claims to make meals under 10 minutes and heats from the top and bottom to help cut cooking time in half. It claims to have a non-stick surface which allows for easy clean-up and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. It can also make over 101 recipes in half the time it takes to preheat an oven. What it actually does: According to, buyers rated the GT Xpress from zero stars to five stars. Some reviewers claim they love the product because it makes great food and it is the best product they have spent money on in a long time. Other reviewers, however, say the product is a waste of money claiming it’s ‘misleading, useless, cheating and nothing cooks the way they show on TV.’ What it costs: $39.90 How it rates: 3/5 stars 1. The Magic Bullet What it is: Magic Bullet claims to make blending easier for everyone. According to their Web site, ‘the Magic Bullet is so handy so versatile and easy to use that you’ll put it to work EVERY single day.’ A small appliance, the Magic Bullet claims to fit in any kitchen space. What it claims: The Magic Bullet claims to take the place of any blender in any kitchen. The Magic Bullet claims to make tons of snacks, drinks and salads in 10 seconds or less. The magic bullet Web site claims ‘it is so useful and convenient, you’ll want to use it every day’ ( What it actually does: According to, consumer reports ranging from one to five stars. Some buyers stated that the Magic Bullet makes ‘everything mushy and brings out the water in everything.’ Others disagreed saying they use the Magic Bullet nearly every day and ‘it is so neat and clean and easy to use.’ What it costs: $99.99 How it rates: 3/5 stars