Snafus in enrollment system

Freshman enrollment started yesterday and open enrollment starts early next week, but there seems to be a few problems with new system. The two main complaints students have had include the system switching from fall to summer when trying to add classes and printing their schedule in grid form. When trying to search or add a class some students were finding that instead of registering for fall, like they had been doing, the system switched them over into registering for summer classes. Sophomore Lauren Jenkins is one student who had had problems. ‘The system kept switching to summer when I was registering for fall,’ she said. Laura Waggoner, director of Registration and Scheduling, said they have been hearing this from students and are working on figuring out the cause. Another problems several students have experienced was having the weekly view format seem unclear on their schedules. ‘The new grid they have is just awful,’ Sophomore Austin Morris said. ‘I have one class that ends at 9:15 and another that starts at 9:30 and they are one long block. It looks like they overlap.’ Also, some students have problems printing their entire schedule. Matt Danczak, sophomore, said the grid is not to scale for printing. And the grid did not always show all the classes students decided to take in the weekly view grid. ‘It cut off the evening hours and common exam times,’ Nicholle King, senior, said. A couple of other problems students ran into include accidentally registering for Firelands and not being able to look at books for classes. But whatever the case may be, Waggoner said the Office of Registration and Records has been receiving complaints, suggestions and even praises about the new system from several students. As far as the complaints, Waggoner said they are creating a list of problems students are running into, and are going to work on them for next time. Waggoner also said students can e-mail Registration and Records at [email protected] with any comments related to the new registering system. Also, Waggoner said some students were brought in to test the new system and did not have much difficulty with it. ‘They did better than the faculty did,’ she said. Senior Kiel Kauzlick did not have any problems with it. ‘It was a little confusing when I started out,’ he said. ‘But once you get used to it, it’s pretty simple.’ Danczak said he was having a problem with having to put in a zero after every course number. ‘Once you figure that out, it really isn’t that hard’ he said.