Celebration Tuesday provides yet another day for drinking

I’m going to break free of my typical socio-political topics this week to bring to light something that I will introduce today as ‘Celebration Tuesday.’ This is a new innovation on the thirsty college student’s week in addition to So-Co Sunday or Wasted Wednesday. Celebration Tuesday is the idea of starting the weekend on Tuesday and having some time to just hang out with your close friends and have a low-key gathering to simply have fun in preparation of a more hectic weekend.’ The typical college student’s weekend begins on Thursday. In addition to the Friday, Saturday, Sunday weekend routine, students feel the need to cram one extra night of craziness into the week, slough off and simply survive their Friday classes. What I and many others aim to do with Celebration Tuesday is kick it up another notch and get some of those inhibitions out of the way earlier in the week than is normally socially accepted, and in the process survive those Fridays just a little easier. As the semester’s end is coming quickly, the weekend seems to be more about working on final papers and projects than about parties and other nonsense. That’s where Celebration Tuesday comes in. It gives you that break early in the week to get all your inhibitions out about partying or just doing something to take your mind off working on homework and studying, if only for a night. If your schedule is becoming anything like mine and my friends’, your weekends have also become obsolete and packed full of work rather than play. Despite having a heavy workload on the final weekends of a semester, most people still try to cram in quite a bit of partying and having fun before finals week, however you still need to wake up the next day and be somewhat productive. But with Celebration Tuesdays you can have a ton of fun, wake up and go to class and you have gotten some of the rowdiness out of your system and are free for the rest of the week to study and prepare for finals without having that itch to procrastinate and hang out with your friends. For a lot of people, especially you singles out there, parties or bar-hopping on the weekends is all about going and mingling with the opposite gender, but at the same time you want to have fun and have a more than appropriate amount of drinks while you are at it. Celebration Tuesday solves this. You can have that wild bender early on and then, when the weekend hits, you are free to do what you need to because you were already blotto only 48 hours ago. It covers that awkward shunning of your friend as your beer pong partner to have some attractive so-and-so playing at your side, because you already ran things on the immaculate Celebration Tuesday earlier that week. Some people may think the idea of a Celebration Tuesday is going a little far, and if you feel the need to drink three or more days out of the week you might have a problem. Celebration Tuesday does not necessarily mean going out drinking. However, as I have found out, college life goes by extremely fast, and before you know it, you are all going to be out there trying to find what I like to call ‘big kid jobs’ and if you think you can pull off hanging out with your friends until four in the morning more than once, maybe twice a week, tops, while holding down a nine to five, then you are just fooling yourself.’ It’s only in college that you can go out and have fun until the wee hours of the morning for the better part of the week and it’s all good, because after college, you are labeled as having a problem, so you might as well make the most of it and have the best four or five years of your life and pad that extra time with the always fun and exciting Celebration Tuesday.