Information, orange bikes abound at University Eco-Fair

Becky Tener and Becky Tener

The Earth Day Eco-Fair brought many outdoor activities to the Union including dog walking, gardening and bike riding to get students interested in environmental issues. Junior Adam Lerma and senior Jon Winiasz used the fair’s change in location from the Union Oval due to the weather as an opportunity to ride bikes around the Multipurpose Room to promote the new Orange Bike Program at the University. ‘The program will allow students to use these bikes on campus whenever they need them,’ Lerma said. The orange bikes are part of small changes being made at the University to spark students’ interest in making greener choices. Lerman and Winiasz were also promoting the University Outdoor Club and said the Eco-Fair was a great place to get students excited about environmental issues and to see what their organization offers. ‘It’s statistically [proven] that the more time people spend outdoors the more likely they are to protect it,’ Winiasz said. ‘We can promote that here.’ Amanda Gamby from the Wood County Solid Waste District also said coming to the Eco-Fair was a great place to inform students about environmental issues. She said many college students are becoming more interested in a green lifestyle. ‘I think everyone has a huge drive towards being more green,’ she said. ‘It’s a big movement right now.’ Volunteering options are also becoming more popular. Freshman Devin Neal is a volunteer through the Chapman Community at Kohl at Wintergarden Land Preservation. He said the Eco-Fair offered a lot of information and opportunities to students who are really passionate about environmental issues.’ ‘There is a lot of stuff here for people to see,’ he said. With so many people coming to the fair, environmentally geared organization used the it to recruit more members. Environmental Service Club President Ashley Lohrbach said ESC came to get more students interested in environmental service. ‘We’re here to recruit more people and really raise awareness,’ she said. Geo Journey representative junior Amanda Hight and BGSU Grounds, Recycling and Solid Waste representative Nathan Couts used the fair to highlight the green initiative they’re taking like cleaning the highways and a vegetable powered lawn mower. Local businesses also came to the fair to share green options they can offer their customers. Vicky Dolinsky form the US Postal Service said USPS is making big changes to make their company more environmentally friendly like green packaging material. ‘We want people to see the changes we’ve made,’ she said. Happy Badger employee Sarah Cohen said the Eco-Fair brought together many like-minded people interested in the environment, fair trade and supporting local businesses. EAG Vice President Jazmine Bennett said the Eco-Fair had a successful turnout and many students received important information about what they can do for the environment. ‘There were a good amount a people and everyone seems to be excited about what’s going on here,’ she said. ‘