Mentalist to visit campus, read minds of students, family

Tonight is your chance to experience illusion and mind reading as Mentalist Chris Carter comes to the University for Sibs ‘N’ Kids weekend. Carter has been professionally performing his act for 18 years, touring campuses and various corporations around the country. His act includes illusions, hypnosis and thought reading: the biggest part of his show. Freshman Nicole Navarre, a musical theater major, believed it would be really cool and interesting to see Carter’s performance. ‘I’d be worried that a mind reader could figure out things I haven’t told other people,’ Navarre said. ‘I’d definitely have to monitor my thinking when he’s around.’ Carter, who performs mostly on stages or in auditoriums, said he created most of his material and no one else uses it. He became interested in magic when he was 12 and witnessed his uncle playing poker badly. ‘I could read his body language clear across the room and could tell when he was bluffing,’ Carter said. ‘That’s when I started guessing people’s cards; it really plays with the way people think.’ The way his material works is he mixes illusion with psychological ability. Thought reading requires knowledge of human behavior and being able to read body language, Carter said. Junior Monica Beer, a telecommunications major, believes Carter would be able to read body language but wouldn’t necessarily want him to read her body language. ‘It’d probably be awkward because I don’t know him,’ Beer said. Carter, who was nominated in 2006 as ‘Performing Arts Entertainer of the Year’ by Campus Activities Magazine, loves observing people and making people think. The mind reading section of his show, which he likened to a scene from the movie ‘What Women Want,’ often makes audience members laugh or scream. ‘My whole mission in life is to freak people out,’ he said. Carter will perform tonight at 8 p.m. in the BTSU Grand Ballroom, as part of Sibs ‘N’ Kids weekend.