Last time I checked, pedestrians have the right of way

I was personally impacted by the story of Lindsay Blosser and Evan Dietsch being hit by a’ vehicle while crossing at Mercer Road at the flashing yellow crosswalk lights. I have had several close calls at that crossing myself. It seems as if drivers don’t know what to do with the yellow lights and simply sail on through ignoring pedestrians crossing the street. Repaving that road has simply made it more dangerous to those on foot. I don’t think this is just about making things better, it is about saving lives and keeping people safe as they travel on foot throughout campus. Saying pedestrians should be cautious against a moving vehicle is like making a victim feel culpable for an irresponsible act. Cars come around those corners with drivers on cell phones and at speeds that do not allow the most cautious person any option but to run out of their way and hope they can make it before being hit.’ I know from personal experience and I avoid having to walk across Mercer if at all possible. Do we really have to wait for someone to be killed before we put up a few stop signs or red lights instead of yellow ones that are currently proving to be ineffective? I can’t be the only one who has had this experience on Mercer Road. —Kay Ulery, University grad student, REHB Counseling