UFO’s Film and Media Festival has arrived for students’ viewing pleasure

Spotting UFO around campus won’t be difficult come April 18 and 19. No, not an unidentified flying object, but the University Film Organization (UFO). This year will mark UFO’s 9th Annual BGSU Film and Media Festival taking place at the Gish Film Theater Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m., which is free and open to the public. For several years now UFO has been making a huge impact on campus. ‘UFO was established to explore the curiosity of student film making,’ said Dustin Meadows, UFO vice president. According to UFO’s mission statement, they ‘provide service, support and community to all students who share an interest in the art of film, and nurture the rapidly growing film and arts community on campus.’ ‘Rapidly growing’ can be the perfect phrase to describe the participation UFO has seen this year alone. ‘For the film festival this year, we are expecting a full house,’ Meadows said. Over the past few months, members and supporters of UFO have been preparing diligently to make this year’s event memorable and enjoyable for the viewing public. ‘It gets more crunch time toward the end of the school year,’ Meadows said. ‘What most people don’t realize is that we have been preparing for this event all school year through fundraising and the 48 hour film project, one of our biggest programs besides the film festival.’ The 48 hour film project is held twice every school year and once every semester. Students are given the chance to film, produce and edit any genre of their choice within a 48 hour time period. Any student can participate. Most of the films that are produced during the 48 film project will be debuted during the Film and Media Film festival. ‘I participate in the 48 hour film project every year,’ said UFO member Greg Mullin, junior. ‘I like to produce dark, satirical comedy, although recently I have been trying to branch out to drama.’ Two of Mullin’s films will be presented at the festival this year. ‘The films at the festival all have a unique approach and are truly a joy to watch,’ said film teacher and UFO supporter Moonsik Chung. Chung first started as a judge at a previous Film and Media Festival, and soon after became one of UFO’s biggest supporters lending a helping hand to any student who needed guidance. ‘I have to give students the best of my services because I am a film teacher,’ Chung said. The 9th Annual BGSU Film and Media Festival will be screening student work in animation, narrative and documentary filmmaking. There will also be a workshop for anyone interested in independent filmmaking.