Student activism through the years

October 19, 1949 – Students gathered support for a student strike in protest of rules preventing unmarried women from being passengers in cars not driven by a faculty member, house director or parent. An open panel formed that afternoon, and two weeks later, after increasing protests, University President Prout allowed unmarried women to ride in cars freely from 6 p.m. Friday to 1 a.m. Sunday. May 24, 1957′ – ‘ A torchlight demonstration of 300 students protested the drinking ban on campus. Several weeks earlier, two fraternities were put on probation for drinking violations. March 28, 1961′ – Students feeling dissatisfied with University President McDonald protested with a class boycott, burning picket fences, digging up yards and building bonfires in front of the Union. A state of emergency was declared on campus. McDonald resigned at the end of the year. February 29, 1968′ – The Student Council voted 44-0 to urge all University students to boycott the one-year housing agreements distributed to dorms. The new forms were a switch from a one-semester agreement, and didn’t allow students to move after one semester. May 4, 1970′ – The National Guard fires at Kent University students. BGSU is the only Ohio university to stay open. One hundred students marched from Williams Hall to the 2nd floor of the Administration Building, where they staged a sit-in to insist classes be cancelled for the rest of the week. The next morning classes were cancelled. Students went back to the Administration Building and kept protesting. May 5, 1971 – Students protesting the presence of ROTC on campus held an all-night demonstration on the steps outside. Around 11:15 p.m., some students broke into Memorial Hall. March 21, 1997 – ‘ Coalitions formed against moving the Free Speech Zone to the front of the math science building. March 25, 2008 – FREEDOM and Transcendence protest University Dining Services’ decision to end meal plan rollover. October 30, 2008 – Members of College Democrats, Transcendence and FREEDOM protest vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s appearance at the University prior ro the 2008 presidential election. March 4, 2009- Students protest USG’s decision to show student support for the Stroh Center in hopes of getting a student referendum.