Travel sites flaunt deals for fabulous spring break destinations

Lin Chafetz and Lin Chafetz

A flight to London for spring break will cost $587 – if the ticket is from

This site offers some of the paramount travel options for a spring break trip, it also offers ways to rent a car, book a hotel, get travel insurance and book a train.

Kaitlyn McDougle, a student at the University who just returned from studying in Nagoya, Japan, for one semester used to book her flight.

“I used it because I saved a lot of money. I spent about $600 compared to nearly $2,000 at places like,” McDougle said. “I also got great deals on hostels and hotels when I went traveling in Japan.”

When thinking about traveling however, other sites might be a better option.

Kyle Mondy used when he studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, and while he received an excellent deal for this trip, he thinks other sites often have better deals.

“I would definitely recommend that when you travel you check out StudentUniverse, but look around. I’ve found other great deals from Orbitz,” Mondy said. “I also found a lot of great deals on flights when I was in Europe on sites such as Sky Europe.” also gives ways to compare flights with Orbitz, Cheap Tickets and Kayak, all of which are travel sites offering low prices on flights.

However, there is one site that continues to beat out on certain occasions. is a Web site based on student travelers as well. A round-trip ticket to London for spring break through STA (Student Traveler’s Association) will cost $547. offers many options for students when traveling. The additional services this site offers include deals and discounts for traveling, along with discounts on spring break trips for 2009.

And both sites offer options for spring break.

StudentUniverse offers deals to Cancun, Acapulco, Europe, Jamaica, Morocco and New York. It also gives the top 10 cheap destinations including Prague, Buenos Aires, Budapest and Amsterdam.

Some of destinations STA is offering for spring break include Costa Rica, skiing trips, sunny beaches and U.S. “hot spots” including Las Vegas and Panama City.

Both sites give alternative options for spring break including road trips around the U.S. and camping. They offer deals on hostels and hotels along the select route and offer options of trips.

From London to Cancun, StudentUniverse claims to be the cheapest fare, that is fair, for students, giving options for cheap spring break ideas, spring break “hot spots” and even cheap flights to Central America.

And according to the site, doing the research and planning ahead pays off – literally – in the end.