Over 40 University staff informed their contract may not be renewed

Forty-three administrative staff were given their six-month notices when most other faculty, staff and students were enjoying time off in December.

Senior Director of Communications David Kielmeyer said 43 employees were notified their contracts will not or may not be renewed for the fiscal year, which ends June 30. Depending on the amount of state funding, some employees could keep their positions, he said.

The University would save about $2 million with the noncontract renewal, taking into account that some of the 43 administrative staff will be retained.

According to University policy, administrative staff and faculty must be notified six months before being let go, Kielmeyer said. Informing all 43 employees in December allows the University some flexibility when the state budget is finalized in late spring.

“We’re hoping to keep some,” he said. “Our budget is dependent in large part on the state … That’s what’s up in the air.”

He said 20 of the 43 administrative staff notified were positions paid by the state’s Success Challenge Program, which is one piece of reduced state funding. Administrative staff in the Office of Academic Enhancement, the Career Center and the Center for Mulitcultural and Academic Initiatives received the bulk of the notifications.

While most administrative staff received their six-month notices throughout the month of December, Kielmeyer said eight were notified Christmas Eve.

“We regret that mistake,” he said, explaining the policies in place should have been more sensitive to the situation.

Kielmeyer said only administrative staff have received notices. Depending on state funding, more administrative staff or classified staff could see noncontract renewals next. No faculty are in line for contract nonrenewals at this time, he said.