Overheating engine causes Eppler evacuation

A motor on the bottom floor of Eppler South overheated and caused an abundance of smoke at approximately 2:15 p.m. this afternoon.

The Bowling Green Fire Department responded and ventlated the building, according to an e-mail sent out by campus police.

Multiple classes were interrupted, but some weren’t evacuated.

Brittany McIntyre, senior, was in her class when the overheating occured, but said no one in her class heard the alarm and no firefighters came to evacuate the room.

‘That’s ridiculous,’ she said. ‘We thought it was a fire drill [when we left class], but then we smelled the smoke … [The firefighters] should have checked the whole building.’

When The BG News arrived on the scene at approximately 2:50 p.m., students were still surrounding the building waiting to re-enter to get their bags from their classrooms.

According to Josh Feicht, senior, it took the fire department around 15 minutes to respond to the alarms.

‘[When they got here] they brought out the hose and everything,’ he said.’ ‘

The e-mail sent out by campus police stated only minor smoke damage occurred and the ‘damages are expected to be reparied and the area restored’ by this evening.