Centennial Celebration Begins

Matt Liasse and Matt Liasse

At midnight on Dec. 31, students will not only ring in the New Year, but also a huge moment in their University’s history. The year 2010 marks the 100th year of the University as an institution.

The 100-year-old school will host many events in order to celebrate this pivotal time in the institution’s history.

‘This is a wonderful occasion for BGSU,’ said Kim McBroom, director and associate vice president for University advertising. ‘Different colleges, student organizations, alumni groups, University divisions, arts organizations and more are planning their own activites to join in the celebration.’

The yearlong celebration will encourage students and staff to become involved in this landmark event.

Although plans are not definite, the milestone kickoff is set to take place Jan. 10.

The dean of students, Jill Carr, is currently working with the student representation in order to make the kickoff a fun event. ‘

An individual kickoff for faculty and staff will take place Jan. 29.

Other events are planned to take place throughout the year, including a Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Dance, a Centennial Homecoming and an Academic Convocation.

‘We are fortunate to have such an energetic and representative group of volunteers involved with the centennial,’ McBroom said. ‘This milestone draw[s] attention to the many successes ‘hellip; [and] marks the longevity of the University.’

McBroom said students can participate by attending the planned events or by putting together any of their own events. She added that students should be keeping an eye out for e-mails, announcements on the University Web site and news on Facebook in order to find out more about the various campus activites.

Junior Becca Meyer said she hasn’t given much thought to the centennial, but she thinks it will feel a lot more special when the events are being held on campus. Up to this point, she said the University’s 100th year never crossed her mind.

Students can also get involved by sporting the centennial anniversary t-shirt, which will soon be available to purchase at the University Bookstore. The Centennial Committee held a contest over the spring semester and chose the best design out of 20 student entries. Graduate student Michael Metzger won the contest and will soon see his t-shirt design worn by students during the next few semesters.

The Centennial Committee, led by McBroom and Larry Weiss, is also holding a contest in order to get students engaged in the celebration.

The committee has created the Bowling Green State University 2010 Centennial Fanfare Competition, during which students and alumni can perform and record two- to four-minute compositions and submit their musical scores and recordings for judging. The winning piece will be performed via recording or live at the Nov. 9 Centennial Convocation and at other Centennial events. The winner will receive $500. Entry information is available at www.bgsu.edu/centennial.

‘It’s obviously always a milestone of any institute,’ Weiss said. ‘Over the last 100 years, the University has had wonderful graduates that made a mark all over the world, and it makes us look forward to the next 100 years.’

The Party Rundown

The list below details the current tenative centennial celebration to take place on campus. Although plans are not definite, they can be regularly checked at http://www.bgsu.edu/centennial Jan. 10 – Campus Kickoff for Centennial Jan. 29 – Faculty/Staff Kickoff Jan. 30 – Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Dance May 19 – Legislative celebration in Columbus commemorating 100 years since the passage of the state legislation that approved creation of state teachers’ colleges in northwest and northeast Ohio. October 2010 – Centennial Homecomming Celebration Nov. 9 – Academic Convocation celebration state’s decision